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Copy Control

CopyControl is the easiest way to produce uniquely identifiable audio discs. CopyControl automates watermarked disc authoring, burning, printing, and tracking—all in an easy-to-use standalone application. With CopyControl, every track of every disc is uniquely identified with an inaudible watermark, making it easy to determine leak sources.


  • Disc authoring: select tracks and go or change parameters such as pre-roll, gap, track order, and track names
  • Recipient selection: choose from one of several methods, auto-numbering, manual recipient entry, or CSV import
  • RIAA-compliant: the watermarks embedded into each track comply fully with the RIAA specification for layer 1 and layer 2 payloads
  • Disc burning: CopyControl operates attached Rimage disc publishers without the need to run separate programs
  • Disc printing: full control over label templates and full merge capabilities for recipient fields
  • MSI Track and Trace Integration: all discs, recipients, and tracks are automatically entered into the MSI global forensic track and trace database

Supported Hardware: all Rimage disc publishers systems

CopyControl duplication services are available from the following partners